No ordinary tech festival

Tech for Good™ From Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada to the world.

Technology offers amazing opportunities and strange, new challenges. In the face of all these changes and complications, how do we do the right thing? How do we know what the right thing is? Join us to be better, do better.

True North Festival is not your typical tech conference or festival series. Well, actually, right now it’s not your typical anything because we’re still navigating the changing definition of “new normal” together. Until we can get together IRL to learn from humans (and robots) charting the future of technology, we’re having fun virtually analyzing hot topics and engaging in candid conversations through the lens of Tech For Good™ on True North TV. You’re tuning in, right?

True North Festival events

True North has always been a community-wide celebration of tech, arts, culture and you. Like us, a number of our partners and tech friends have hopped on the working-from-home train and started to host some pretty awesome digital content and virtual events. Quarantine isn’t a quaran-pause - take a peruse of some wicked online events hosted by our friends and neighbours in the always-thriving Waterloo Region.

Summer Lights is Brightly Re-Imagined

We're shifting during this time and bringing some of the best elements of Summer Lights to our community in new and engaging ways. We're shining a light on our community — sharing stories, LIVE Music and experiences — and bringing you some awesome all-ages programming that's free and accessible to everyone.

Introducing: True North TV

Picture this: the magic of True North, the best of Waterloo Region and Canada, but on your screen, anywhere. Tune in, sit back and join us as we explore what it means to be human (and humane) in a tech-driven world while staying (virtually) six feet apart from your peers.

Hosted by Iain Klugman, Communitech’s straight-shooting and inquisitive President and CEO, True North TV consists of conversational episodes with a variety of guest experts and entertainers. Hosted on Communitech’s YouTube channel, each episode brings fresh insight and candid conversations on timely issues–such as the pervasiveness and importance of Tech For Good throughout our generation’s greatest health care crisis.